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Clients Feedback
TICBALI provide VIP Airport services, Bali Care Packages, Online Shop with Worldwide Shipment, Custom Order for handicraft with wholesale and retail prices and Holiday booking services.

Thank you Putu & TIC Bali Holidays for the most amazing family holiday, everything went to plan and our hotel was amazing :).
The kids had a ball and cant wait to come back again.
Katrina & Gary -  Newman, Western Australia 

You are in god hands with putu and TIC Bali Holidays Crew.. they will
certainly look after you

Rohan Joyce - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The whole TIC Bali Holidays team are fantastic and always willing to help!
​Putu and his staff went out of their way to help myself and my family while we were in Bali and they continue to help us with outstanding communication as we plan our upcoming trip to Bali again. If anyone I know is going to Bali I instantly suggest contacting Putu at or on Facebook.
I highly recommend the TIC Bali Holidays team and honestly urge you to contact them about getting the most out of your Bali holiday! p.s. I also think of Putu as my Bali-family and can't wait to see him again in September!!!!
Shanna Woods - Mid North Coast, NSW

Doesn't  matter how may times you've been to bali,
u should always go through TIC BALI HOLIDAYS  !

Ben Slocum - Perth, Western Australia

I have been to Bali many times and I always book my accommodation, tours  & all holiday activity with Tic Bali Holidays. They are fantastic!   I found them to be the cheapest ever! They offer great service,with easy to understand drivers. I cannot recommend TIC Bali enough! I highly recommend you swim with the dolphins! If you just want to do your own thing around this beautiful island..Tic Bali can organize your own personal driver for you..who  will take you where you want to do...You can plan ahead with Tic Bali as they have paypal so booking your tours etc before you leave is easier than having to worry about it when you get there.
Andrea Smith - Newcastle, New South Wales

I recommend you to everyone...first time..100th time..
TIC Bali Holidays service is awesome and I 100% trust them :)
Michelle Nicholson - Somerville, Victoria, Australia

I would recommend TIC Bali Holidays to everyone. Doesn't matter if they're 1st time visitors or 10th time. We were happy with Putu and would definitely use him again :)
Wendy Archer - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I always tell people how beautiful Bali is and I think they're finally getting  the message as thry're all going to Bali and contacting Tic Bali Holidays
Meg Lambert -  Prestwick
Do you need SIMCARD ?
It's great especially when you need to connect and access google maps during your trip, update your condition in Bali with your family back home and post on social media easily anytime anywhere. With TICBALI it is easy to do the installation, We have 2 options for SIMCARD, you can choose SIMCARD await at airport on your arrival or SIMCARD await at your hotel Reception.
What a great idea!
Beautiful Leather Purse
Order your leather product Online and Pick them up while you are on holiday in Bali. Deliver to your home with DHL Service also available.
Since 4 July 2007 TICBALI has offered various trusted services for travelers visiting Bali, such as Hotel Bookings, Apartment Rental, VIP Airport Services, Holiday Activity Bookings and many other additional services finally added along the pandemic into the TICBALI website such as Bali Care Package, Online Shop, Shop and Ship service with worldwide Air shipments.
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