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Here are Frequently Ask Questions that happened once people book TICBALI Service on arrival
How do we change our booking detail?
For fast response and urgent matters (i.e changing flight or booking details), please contact us via phone call to +628113804078 or via Free WhatsApp call at +628113804078

What happens if my plane is delayed?
Our staff will wait for you until your flight arrives. We work based on your flight number so as long the flight is still going ahead, our staff will check until your arrival.

What happens if my flight is cancelled?
If your flight has been cancelled, please call +628113804078 or via Free WhatsApp chat +628113804078. 
You will be offered a credit to use on your updated flight.

What happens if I can’t find your team on my arrival?
In the unlikely event that this occurs please call our hotline number.
first option :  +628113804078 second option is free WhatsApp call at +628113804078 or you can ask our other representative who holds a TICBALI LOGO and ask them to call our office to sort out your booking.

Where will you be met on arrival service?
We meet you at arrival hall ( Please do not panic if you did not see your name, just ask anyone with TICBALI Logo regarding your booking details)

Will you help find lost luggage?
Yes, our staff can assist you if this happens.

What time is the busiest time at airport for arrival ? 
We do not know when is the busiest time at airport for arrival, as sometime it is only 1 plane landing and sometime 4 or 5 planes landing at similar time. Make a booking for this service is like booking an insurance, it is worth once you need it. 

Can you do Money Exchange at airport?
Yes we can do, but please let us know minimum 1 day before service date
Our Legal Money Changer Team also do Free Delivery with great rates to your Hotel with minimum amount of AUD 500/USD 500  Our rates can be seen on website and updated regularly.

Will you send confirmation details prior to my departure?
No, we don't send a 2nd confirmation before your flight. You received 1st confirmation email when you paid for your booking.  Our guarantee is you will be taken care of providing your information is correct. If you feel worried or need confirmation please contact us by giving a call to +628113804078 and second option is free WhatsApp call at

Can I pay for VOA with my VIP entry?
No, legally you must pay this separately as per the airport rules. 
We recommend you bring  cash AUD or Rph to avoid queues just in case the eftpos machine is broken. Your VOA can be paid in AUD and in most cases Rupiah will be given as your change.

Can I get refund If you did not meet us?
If the mistake is made by our team, will do full refund in cash as we do not have online refund system

Can I book and pay later?
We only confirm any booking with full payment on website otherwise we are unable to confirm the booking.

How fast can you service us?
It is dependent on how many other flights landing on your arrival. We are unable to guarantee, sometimes it is 15 minutes and sometimes over 1 hour. 

Can I get discount Price?
Yes. If you are group of minimum 10 people  otherwise adults and children are same price Service is Free for infants younger than 2 years on flight date.

What is included in my package?
Please have a look on our website and choose the service you want and see the package details there. Please make sure you understand our details of service. By making payment, fill the form and click PAY is your acceptance that you agree to the details.
Money Exchange
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The rate above includes free delivery to your hotel in the tourist area of ​​south Bali from 09:00 to 18:00 with the minimum amount is $500 AUD or 500 USD. Rates are subject to changes at 11AM and 3PM, Still have any questions ? please contact our staff.
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