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Hi everyone thank you for visit this special offer page, all the items in this page has included Air Shipping fee to Australia, USA and New Zealand only. This page is great for you who only want to order 1 item or 1 package only. For you who want to order more than 1 item and also for you who interested to see our retail and wholesale price, please click 
Package TFS069
Handmade Bali Leather Laptop Bag, Crossbody Shoulder Bag, ​Material : leather, Item Size approximately : 44cm x 34 cm x 9cm
Package TFS068
Handmade Bali Leather Bag, Material : leather, Item Size approximately : 25cm x 26cm
​Package TFS033
Macrame Wall Hanging White Color, ​Material : cotton, Item Size approximately : 120cm x 90cm
Package TFS030
Macrame Wall Hanging Aqua Color, ​Material : cotton, Item Size approximately : 95cm x 120cm
Package TFS067
2 Cushion covers + 1 Rug Natural Color, Material : Cotton, Cushion Cover Size approximately : 40cm x 40cm, Rug Size approximately : 125cm x 125cm
Package TFS025
2 owls with free delivery to your door, ​Material : cotton, Item Size approximately : 40 cm X 20 cm
Handmade Lover
Crochet Teddy Bear
it's need a day to make this beautiful handmade Crochet, this is a great option for Christmas Gift. Get wholesale price with minimum order 3 pieces.
Laptop Bag
Handmade Leather Laptop Bag with long leather strap.
Material : leather, Item Size Approximately : 44 cm x 34 cm x 9 cm, Minimum order : 1 item, Maximum order : 1000 items.
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